Scared That You Won’t Pass Your Military Drug Test? Follow These Steps And Pass With Flying Colors

So, you want to join the military and serve your country, huh? Indeed, the decision to serve is an honorable way to contribute to your nation. Kudos!

But perhaps you find yourself to be in a bit of a situation. One that may cost you your chances to enter the military workforce.

It’s a common occurrence that a part of a given population craves the “Doña Juana.” But given the nature of the job where danger is a given factor to your everyday life, the military enforces a good counternarcotic program. Failing their drug test ensures immediate discharge and possible prosecution on your part, which may be more than you are willing to bargain for.

Worry not, though! If your upcoming drug test is right around the corner and you doubt your incoming test results, there are some ways for you to avoid these consequences. But do so at your own risk, as tampering may be illegal in your area.

Here Are Possible Solutions You Can Try:

Urine Dilution via Aspirin

It’s been common underground knowledge since the 1990s that aspirin makes the most common urinary drug test called the Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT) more prone to false-negative results.

Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid (AHA) is a minor pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory drug, and blood thinner for clots. It works against drug tests by reducing their ability to detect substances from the urine sample, much like a “clouding” effect. The higher the dose you take, the lesser the ability of testers to detect weed residues.

Be aware though! Consuming too much of this drug can lead to severe health consequences. Aspirin is also contraindicated for a lot of conditions such as:

  • Allergy to aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, gastrointestinal bleeding, and hemorrhagic stroke
  • Peptic Ulcer
  • Alcohol users
  • People with liver and kidney problems
  • People to undergo surgery
  • People under the age of 16

There are two methods to using aspirin for drug tests:


  1. Consume 2 aspirin tablets of 325 mg each roughly four to six hours before the test. Provide half an hour intervals at least between each tablet.
  2. Consume 2 further aspirin tablets two hours prior to the test. Provide half an hour interval again.
  3. Consume lots of water in a distributed amount within that time.
  4. Urinate several times before your test.


  1. Consume around 1 liter of water spanning in two hours.
  2. Four to six hours before the test, take 4 tablets of aspirin. Spread it out within that time.
  3. Urinate two times or more prior to the drug test.
  4. Collect the urine sample midstream.

Urine Substitution

This is noted as the most consistent drug test cheating method. You can employ this technique via two ways: using synthetic urine or getting someone else’s urine sample and submitting it as your own.

Synthetic urine is very in demand nowadays, with a lot of legitimate companies lining up to provide for this vast market of weed users. Luckily, it passes off as natural urine so well that it has the same ph balance, water and creatinine level, uric acid, and density You can also avail powdered urine in packets which will be mixed in water to form your sure-negative urine.

So your goals are simple when arriving at the test facility. The first is to smuggle your fake urine into the guarded restroom area. And the second is to ensure that it is in the right temperature range, neither too hot nor too cold. When faced with a highly trained tester, the difficult challenge is to dupe the urine’s temperature during collection as this may immediately flag you for adulteration. Some people opt to use hot chemical packets to warm up the specimen and pass it off as fresh.

Adding to the Urine Sample

Some people try to add to their urine samples chemicals commonly found at home to cheat the test, such as bleach, salt, eyedrops, or soap. Sadly, this can be detected as it shows different ph, temperature, specific gravity, and creatinine properties.

There are some sources of urine adulterants found online. They employ chemicals such as peroxide, nitrite, or glutaraldehyde. What these substances have in common is that they are good drug oxidizers and affect drug screening methods. Iodine was also shown to produce good results as an oxidizing agent, which removes traces of the drug from the sample.

Natural Detoxification

Not many people are aware that when ingesting weed, it gets stored in your fat cells and is then released to your bloodstream slowly over time. Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) when metabolized takes thirty days to naturally be released from the body via the urine.

But if fat cells serve as reservoirs to THC, does burning fat have an effect on your test results? The answer is yes, and exercise helps reduce the storage areas of THC and therefore it helps rid the body naturally of weed metabolites. Do a regular exercise and workout regimen and allow yourself to sweat profusely during this time. Drink lots of fluids as well to flush out the drug from your system.

It was noted that stopping exercise a couple of days before the test may help your results as drugs can only be detected when released in the bloodstream, and not when stored in the fats.

Also, ensure to modify your diet and reduce the intake of fatty and sugary food. Take note though that although this helps quickly cycle your body to remove drug metabolites, it may still be possible to have detectable levels present in your urine.

If you have only a week at most to prepare for your upcoming test, there are some detox products online that help even the heaviest of users to test negative for their drug test in a week’s amount of prep time. This cleansing program helps clean the blood, urine, and saliva without the health risks accompanying the previous options. It is undetectable as well.

Using Same-Day Detox Kit

Perhaps you are to undergo a drug test soon. If you’re looking for immediate results, there’s no need to panic as there are fast detox kits available online. These start working after 90 minutes and are effective for up to 5 hours. Thankfully, these have been proven to be undetectable by labs, as urine levels do not appear to be tampered with.

These kits work by combining the effects of diuretics, which makes you pee much more often than normal, and water intake. Just make sure you get yours from a trusted brand.

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Some Doubtful Methods

Some methods are famous for working without having much understanding of their mechanism. An example is Niacin, or Vitamin B3, which is believed to help metabolize fats. This is actually not true, as it only helps in the digestion and metabolism of fat, protein, and carbs from food consumed, not the pre-existing fat cells in the body.

One other doubtful method is via Certo Detox. Certo is a brand name for pectin, a type of substance found in fruit that is used in jams. It is believed to aid in expelling toxins from the body via your stools, contrary to where it usually exits which is via your urine. So this is a good way to pass urine drug exams, although backed up research for this is unavailable at this time.