High Voltage Detox Review: Does It Really Work

Considering the slogan “When results are on the line, make sure you’re clean”, High Voltage Detox solution is aimed specifically at people who want to remove THC from their system. According to the label, it starts to take effect in 30 minutes after consumption and lasts up to 7 hours. Let’s see if that’s true!


High Voltage Detox includes diuretics, caffeine, creatine, a mix of different B-vitamins, and a bunch of herbal extracts. Here is what these ingredients are supposed to do:

  • Vitamin C: used to flush toxins out of your body.
  • Vitamin B1: used to convert carbohydrates into glucose while masking the toxins at the same time.
  • Vitamin B2: used for detoxification of the urine and blood.
  • Vitamin B6: gives your urine the yellow color and the natural smell.
  • Vitamin B12: used to improve metabolism and speed up the detoxifying process.
  • Caffeine: works as a stimulant and diuretic to make your liver flush out traces of toxins.
  • Creatine: replenishes the creatinine level in your urine so that testers won’t find out you tied to cheat the test by drinking plenty of water.


High Voltage Detox has most of the stuff needed to be a decent detox solution. However, it lacks zinc, an ingredient used to make drug tests less accurate and thus improving your chances to pass.

I don’t quite understand why they did that. The majority of detox products have this chemical element since it was scientifically proven to reduce the detection of THC by urine testing.

Nevertheless, High Voltage Detox does not have any common allergens and there is plenty of diuretics and creatine. Besides, it comes in many different flavors for any taste, which is also nice. I bought the pomegranate-flavored drink for my review.


This detox solution comes into effect after you piss at least three times. The manufacturer recommends avoiding all kinds of toxins for two days before the test. It works just like any other detox product so you will need to drink a lot of water throughout several days.

Here are instructions the manufacturer provides:

  • Do not take any toxins for 48 hours prior to the use of the product (in other words, do not do any drugs);
  • Drink the entire bottle around 90 minutes before taking a test;
  • Refill the same bottle with water and drink it;
  • Wait 15 minutes and drink another bottle of water;
  • Finally, urinate at least three times to flush out the toxins.

I’ve read user reviews on this product. Some people claim that you should capture your urine midstream to increase the chances of passing the test. Well, it is a complete lie if you ask me so you should not rely on this strategy too much. Just saying!

Now that we are done with all the preparations, let me actually test the product.

Product Test

Before we start, I just want you to acknowledge the fact that I had to stop smoking for two days in order to test this product. It was rather hard for me even though I am not a regular smoker. I hope my efforts will not go in vain and you will find this review helpful!

I followed all the instructions meticulously to make my test accurate.

Day 1

I visited the gym this day. I do it regularly but it is worth mentioning. Exercises help the body to destroy THC cells and other toxins so you may want to consider going for a jog to increase your chances of passing.
After all, working out is good for your health!

I also drank a lot of water and urinated over 10 times throughout the day.

Day 2

Prior to 24 hours before taking a drug test, I stopped eating fast food. I also had to avoid caffeine and sugar.
I continued to drink gallons of water this day and visited the bathroom at least 8 times. Nothing special!

Test Day

I drank even more water on the test day just to make sure I will be able to urinate three times.
I properly shook the bottle and then consumed it. I liked the taste but the smell was a little strong for me.
Several minutes later, I filled the bottle with water and drank it just as the instructions suggest.
After a 15-minutes wait, I drank the second bottle of water.

Test Results

The instructions say that this detox solution becomes effective about an hour after you take it and lasts up to seven hours.

To maximize the efficiency of the product, I peed three times prior to the test.
In the end, I took the test exactly an hour later after drinking a bottle of High Voltage Detox.
Unfortunately, the results were positive for THC despite the fact that I did not violate any instructions.

I have tried multiple marijuana tests from different brands but they all were positive.


I guess the results speak for themselves. High Voltage Detox did not help me to pass the THC test. I admit that this detox drink might be not suitable for my body. I’ve seen many people online who were happy with it.
At the same time, many buyers found this detox solution absolutely useless.

It is up to you to decide whom to believe.
As to myself, I’ll stick to proven products such as detox kit from GreenFleets that have actually helped me flush out marijuana out of my body.