Three Dangerous Consequences Of Failing A Drug Test And How To Avoid Them

Drug Tests! The first thing people think about when hearing drug tests is when it’s for work requirements, or maybe reckless driving due to a high driver. Drug tests don’t really impose much fear to most people. As for people who actually use weed… Well, that’s another story.

Here are some consequences of failing your drug test:

Disciplinary Actions From Work or Unemployment

It’s actually a rare occurrence for employers to randomly give out required drug tests off the bat in the actual workplace.

But in the off chance that this does occur and you test positive for it, you may end up packing up your workbox in the worst-case scenario, and get demoted in the best-case.

This is even more possible if your legal work contract includes this requirement. For work that requires focus and a clear head, they need their employees to be as level-headed as possible.

And for work that requires you to handle people and machinery such as in the medical field or in construction, being caught in work with drugs in your system may leave a bad record which could hurt your chances of landing another job in the future.

When you’re applying for work and you test positive for drugs, you would simply just get screened off from the possible pool of hirees. With the highly competitive system nowadays, you might not even get to the interview stage.

Unemployment will hurt your chances of having a better life. Food on the table may be difficult to come by with, and it will hurt your ability to access healthcare if you need it.

Legal Troubles When Under Probation

Jail time and more fines issued can be a worry if you test positive while under a probationary sentence.

When you’re under probation, an officer will make sure to consistently check on you via drug tests. If you test positive, you could end up in jail for some time for disciplinary action. This would be the case especially if this isn’t your first time getting caught by the probation officer with drugs in your system.

Death Penalty in Some Countries

A number of nations are very strict with their drug regulation, even going as far as legalizing the death penalty for drug-related charges which includes the trafficking of materials, assisting in crimes related to drugs, or even the mere use and possession of controlled substances.

In a 2018 global review report, it was noted that around thirty-five countries allow capital punishment for these offenses, and ninety-one people were executed in 2018 alone.

As for sentencing, around 150 people were given the death sentence for non-violent drug offenses, which does include the simple act of personal recreational use of drugs.

It’s scary to think that the mere coincidence of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with people requiring you to test yourself for drugs could end up being the end of the road for you.

And even if you claim to use weed for medical purposes, you could still be gravely punished. Most of the people held for drug offenses in other countries are, in fact, foreigners who are not that aware of the policies implemented there.

So beware of this if you’re a recreational or a medical drug user planning to travel to these countries.

How Could You Avoid These Consequences

Plead and Have a Second Confirmatory Testing

Let’s assume you’ve failed your drug test and you’re not a user. Don’t panic! You are sure that it should have a negative result, but albeit all the confidence you have you get a positive result in your test.

Thankfully, false-positive results are an actual thing! This can be caused by allergy, pain, infection and even cold medication. Consult your attorney for legal advice, and prove that this could just be a false-positive case.

If you love eating pastry, try to ask your local bakery if they use poppy seeds. Poppy is commonly used for pastry and can lead to a detectable level of opiate in your body.

You could have also inhaled secondary weed smoke from the environment. Whatever the cause, try to track and pinpoint this so as to try and plead your case in work or during legal testings.

Whatever the case, ask for a second drug test. Try to also prove the false- positive so as to avoid dire consequences.

Use a Detox Kit

If you’re aware of an impending drug test, you could go ahead and prepare for it. Detox kits don’t do much other than help you pee more than normal to get rid of the drug metabolites.

Drug metabolites are the by-products of the substance you’ve ingested after it passes through your body. This is what is being detected in your body during testing.

Here’s one type that helps with weed ingestion. Make sure you have at least two hours prior to testing in order to use this. Urinate twice before you try it yourself. The great thing about this is it also helps your urine appear not too diluted and seemingly tampered on.

Here’s another type that allows total cleaning for urine, saliva, and hair. Although this covers a lot of possible test areas, it needs fifteen days for it to be effective at removing all traces of drugs. This multi-parameter test kit screens urine for amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and THC.

Detox kits are often as safe as they are effective. Get yours from an entrusted brand and throw all your drug test worries away.

Or Just Stop Using and Do a Natural Detox

If all these consequences seem scary to you, you should just go ahead and practice self-restraint to refrain from using drugs. It would be hard for the everyday user to stop, but seeking counseling and moral support from the people around you can help.

A natural detox will take some time to work its magic, but it can be very effective.