Best THC Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test

Tetrahydrocannabinol (or commonly THC) is the main active component in weed that makes you high. But just as fun it is to use, it is also highly detectable in urine samples even in very small doses.

Whether you are taking a drug test for a new job you’re aiming for or getting tested to avoid legal ramifications, one thing is certain: you shouldn’t get caught with drugs in your system!

There are many available options in the online market nowadays, and some can even land on your doorstep the day after your order them on the internet. Gone are the days wherein the regular junkie has to run about looking for quickie solutions to mask the old Mary Jane in his system.

Here are some of the popular detox drink in the market:

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit (Extra Strong)

This kit works wonders even for the heaviest of users in need of a quick drug test fix. The kit works by allowing you to urinate more due to its diuretic components. But in order for it to work, you must accompany it with increased water intake which still within safe levels.

What you do is prior to testing, you drink around 2 glasses of water. Wait for 20 minutes and then drink the included bottle of QCarbo Plus together with all 5 of the Super Boost Tabs. After 20 minutes, refill the bottle and drink water again. It is advised to urinate twice before doing the self-tester to ensure that the unprocessed urine is expelled and what you have filled up your bladder is the urine acted up by the detox formula.

It starts its magic 90 minutes or 1.5 hours after intake and is effective for up to 5 hours. Results are only temporary though, so you must ensure to get tested within that time frame. Plan your time out and make sure to take this 2 hours prior to testing, as further drinking and urination are to be done. Take note to lessen food intake first and avoid using weed around 2 days prior to the test.

It is highly recommended to use a detox kit rather than a simple detox drink as there are also countermeasures in the pack to help you achieve your drug test goals. This includes a chewable supplement in case the results aren’t kicking in as soon as it should (which is thankfully rare) as well as a testing device to gauge your urine levels.

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It’s completely safe for the average user, but contraindications are allergy to ingredients, pregnancy, breastfeeding, kidney or gallbladder diseases.


This is another quick-fix drink to help you pass your impending drug test. It’s packed with a vitamin blend of diuretics including Vitamins C, B1, B12, B12 and creatine to help cleanse your urine of drug metabolites and toxins in a short span of time. It’s simple to use really. Just shake, drink, urinate as often as you can, and wait for it to work at around 30 minutes.

Toxin elimination starts for as low as an hour and is reported to be effective for up to 7 hours. Although, some customer reviews state that effects actually start at around 1-2 hours, so plan your time and adjust accordingly.

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Vale Solution

This is another pre-mixed drink solution that contains substances such as fiber, vitamin B-2, and creatine monohydrate. This “thin” mixture helps to replace what is stripped off during detoxification, ensuring that results seem untampered with and could pass as natural urine.

Though, you have to be prepared 2 days prior to drinking the detox mix by stopping drug and alcohol use temporarily. You must also ensure that you drink the prescribed 8 glasses of water daily prior to using the mix. Eat a light meal only 3 hours before consuming as well as 2 glasses of water.

This drink starts working in one hour and continues to be effective for up to 5 hours. As with any detox drink, consult your physician if you are pregnant or nursing before use.

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QCARBO PLUS with Booster

Another fast-acting formula is the QCarbo Plus with Booster Tablets. It is a solution designed for heavyweight people, as well as frequent users. It is noted to have around 20 different vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients.

For the best results, you should avoid using drugs for as long as you can prior to the set date of your examination, but the minimum allowed would be 48 hours. It is advised that you drink 2-3 glasses of water 1-2 hours prior to using the drink. Take this on an empty stomach. Drink again 20 minutes after taking it and urinate twice before submitting, as this ensures that the urine specimen is treated by the detox drink and is not tainted with drug metabolites.

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Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink

Perhaps you are trying to turn over a new leaf and you are finally tossing that bad weed habit aside? Worry not because you can detox in just 7 days and remove all traces of the drug from your system from the time of intake and onwards. Of course, you have to do a long term cleansing right now and try to consciously avoid the reintroduction of the drug into the body.

If you are not a fan of pills or capsules, this could be your ticket to sober-ville. It’s sort of like a juice drink type that you have to take a tablespoon of twice a day- one in the morning and one in the evening- before mealtimes. It can be mixed with water or juice if that is your preference.

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If you are a high dosage weed user, or perhaps you weigh more than 230 pounds, it is recommended that you double the dose of the drink to achieve the desired results. This requires you to get two bottles for one detox period.

Take note that this product does not work for people taking prescription drugs such as Tylenol, Motrin or cold medicine. So make sure to take your medicines into account before using it.